Nicolas Serré - UI Designer
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Pro Gusto /App.

Project Summary

How to harmonize the world of professional wine tasting? How to allow users to create a memory and an intuitive notebook to save all their tastings? The Science Institute of Vine and Wine (Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin in Bordeaux) wanted to develop a mobile application allowing all professionals to quickly and easily rate a wine according to all professional criteria.

  • Client: ISVV
  • Core taskes: UX and UI Design
  • Date: 2012 to 2014


The world of wine can be complex, very complex. There are many olfactory, visual and gustatory criteria to evaluate a wine. Moreover, according to age, its geolocation, its grape variety, its manufacture, the wine changes. Anyway, each wine is unique. We were convinced that there was an allegory to simplify the tasting process: music.


Clear, simple and accessible. We played with the view in order to set up tasting criteria (on color, roughness, sensations in the mouth).