Nicolas Serré - UI Designer
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Hexo+ App.

Project Summary

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Squadrone System company created the Hexo+ product. Intended to be the world's first autonomous drone, dedicated to video capture and controlled solely via a smartphon-based application, the Hexo+ aims to revolutionize the use of drones by addressing the action sports mode.

  • Client: Hexo+ by Squadrone System
  • Core taskes: UX and UI Design
  • Date: 2014 to 2016

Not another drone

Comment se filmer avec un drone quand vous n’avez aucune notion de pilotage ? Voilà le défi du projet Hexo+. Permettre à tous et toutes de pouvoir obtenir des plans vidéo incroyables depuis le ciel avec une application mobile. L’application Hexo+ devait donner la possibilité aux utilisateurs de décoller, effectuer des mouvements de caméra, suivre, et assurer leur sécurité. De nombreuses séances de travail et plusieurs itérations ont été nécessaires afin de mettre au point cette application.

Not just an app

How can you film yourself with a drone when you have no notion of piloting? This is the challenge of the Hexo+ project. To allow everyone to get incredible video shots from the sky with a mobile application. The Hexo+ application had to give users the ability to take off, make camera movements, track, and ensure their safety. Many work sessions and several iterations were necessary to develop this application.

The first design - CES Version

The first version aimed to show the potential of Hexo+ and its application to the general public at CES 2015. It was not intended to be developed, but it served as a basis for the following iterations.

The second design - Backers Version

Before the drones were delivered, the company had to deliver Do It Yourself versions to the backers, and of course a minimalist version of the application had to be operational to allow users to fly.

The smartwatch design

How to control a drone when skiing, surfing, or mountain biking? By using a watch. The smartwatch allowed the user to control the drone from their handle, and to quickly make changes in camera movements.